Vic Ili Ne ?

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George Bush otišao u posjet osnovnoj školi. Nakon svojeg govora dao je
djeci da ga pitaju što žele. Jedan mali dječak podigne ruku i George ga
pita za ime:

- Stanley, odgovori dječak.

- Što želiš pitati, Stanley?

- Imam četiri pitanja:

Prvo, zašto je SAD napao Irak bez dopuštenja UN?

Drugo, zašto ste vi predsjednik kad je Al Gore dobio više glasova?

Treće, što se zapravo dogodilo sa Osama Bin Ladenom?

Četvrto, zašto smo toliko zabrinuti zbog brakova homoseksualaca kad
pola Amerikanaca nema zdravstveno osiguranje?

Upravo u tom trenutku zazvoni zvono za odmor. George Bush kaže da će
nastaviti nakon odmora. Kad su se vratili s odmora George kaže:

- Gdje smo ono stali? Aha, vrijeme za pitanja. Ima li netko pitanje?"

Drugi jedan dječak di gne ruku. George ga upita za ime

- Steve - odgovori dječak.

- Što želiš pitati?

- Zapravo imam šest pitanja.

Prvo, zašto je SAD napao Irak bez dopuštenja UN?

Drugo, zašto ste vi predsjednik kad je Al Gore dobio više glasova?

Treće, što se zapravo dogodilo sa Osama Bin Ladenom?

Četvrto, zašto smo toliko zabrinuti s brakovima homoseksualaca kad
pola Amerikanaca nema zdravstveno osiguranje?

Peto, zašto je prošlo zvono za odmor zvonilo dvadeset minuta ranije
nego obično?

I šesto, gdje je nestao Stanley?

Manipulacija Ljudi I Druge Price

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Dakle, ako ste nekada culi da je neko opljackan, ali tako sto je "dobrovoljno" predao napadacu svoje stvari i niste poverovali evo malo dokaza.Odnosno malo NLP-a i hipnoze.Mozete videti kako Derren Brown placa ogrlicu od $4500 listicima obicnog belog papira, kako ljudi za 3 sekunde zaborave naziv sledece stanice u metrou(cak i na kojoj treba da sidju), kako pamti sadrzaj cele knjige za 20 minta, kako pobedjuje u simultanci 9 sahista, kako naplacuje gubitnicki listic na trkama pasa itd itd

Sto je najzanimljivije od svega ovo moze (skoro) svako od nas :))
Ako neki filmic hocete da skinete na hard, copy link na ovaj dole sajt

Citanje Ljudi

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It's true that politicians blink much more frequently when they're lying, but what other behavior clues do people inadvertently give off? If you want to know if you're being boondoggled, how to tell if your date is interested in a serious relationship, or if you should take that new job, Jo-Ellan Demitrius will help you figure it all out. She gives away the tricks of her trade--jury consulting--in this eye-opening handbook for predicting the behavior and revealing the thoughts of others. She's consulted for more than 600 jury trials, including the O.J. Simpson, Rodney King, and John DuPont cases, as well as for Fortune 100 companies. If her name rings a bell, it may be because she's been on Oprah, Larry King Live, and 60 Minutes, among other television shows.
Much more than a collection of tips on reading body language, her book is supremely organized, detailed, and thorough, with lists of physical characteristics, vocal patterns, office props, and conversational behaviors that reveal much more than you'd think. She instructs on how to analyze hundreds of details of everyday living, from the style of the picture frame on your boss's desk to the odd way that an acquaintance swears up a storm, in order to uncover personality traits and predict future behavior.


O Pravdi

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Један подвижник се молио Богу преклињући га да му открије због чега су праведници често сиромашни и неправедно пате док су грешни и неправедни богати и задовољни.Док се молио Богу да му открије ову мистерију, зачуо је глас који му је рекао:
-Немој тражити да разумеш оно што твој ум и знање не могу обухватити, и немој испитивати тајне Божије, јер су његове одлуке сличне бескрајном океану.Али, ако желиш да то сазнаш, иди у свет и посматрај људе.Онда ћеш бити у стању да схватиш нешто од Божијих ослука.Тада ћеш спознати да је премудри промисао Божији неистражив и недокучив.

Када је подвижник све то чуо, отишао је у свет.



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Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World


A New World Order is being erected and it is the biggest threat humanity hasever faced. Moreover, it is a menace to each and every one of us individually. It is a danger to our family, our way of life and our children’s future. You will learn what it is, who is behind it, what they are doing to achieve it and why, and finally how we can ensure its destruction.
The bulk of this book consists of names, places and dates. Everything is documented by mainstream media reports. The level of mainstream citation I include was not possible ten years ago but it is today because the agenda is so
blatantly in our faces that they have to admit to it. Most of the book concentrates exclusively on new information that has developed since September 11 2001.
While I do provide background where it is absolutely necessary, the first chapter for example, many issues are not covered. Things like the Oklahoma City
Bombing or the Kennedy assassination all fit into the same agenda but they have been so exhaustively documented by other researchers that it would be a waste
of my time to simply re-hash old material. This book is merely one of many keys that you will need to unlock the truth and so I suggest you read all the information
of the subjects not covered in this book if you haven’t already done so.
The hunger, brutality, suffering, genocide and horror that has plagued the third world is coming to our shores. But it is not set in stone and we can choose to reverse the evil at any point. Everyone is presented with a chance of influencing
the world in whatever field they excel at. However, many spurn the opportunity because they are not prepared to risk deviating from the manipulated ‘path’ that
has been set for them.

“Most people can't think, most of the remainder won't think, the small fraction who do think mostly can't do it very well. The extremely tiny fraction who think regularly, accurately, creatively, and without self-delusion- in the long run, these are the only people who count.”
- Robert Heinlein  

KućA I Svet

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Žena govori mužu, čije je lice zadubljeno u raširene novine:

"Da li si ikada pomislio da u životu imaš još nečega osim onoga što se dešava u svetu ?"

Ljudi uglavnom vole čovečanstvo.Problem je što njihovi najbliži nisu uključeni u taj pojam.

T Ili Stvarnost

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Majstor je tvrdio da svijet koji vecina ljudi vidi nije svet Stvarnosti, vec svet koji stvara njihova glava.

Kad je jedan ucenjak (intelektualac) došao da to ospori, Majstor je postavio dva
štapica na pod, u obliku slova T i upitao: “Šta vidite ovde?”“Slovo T”, odgovori ucenjak.“Baš kako sam i mislio”, rece Majstor. “Slovo T ne postoji; to je simbol u vašoj glavi.

Ovde imate dve odlomljene grancice u obliku štapica.”

Zoom zoom zaam