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Since 1997, an individual calling himself F.O.S.I. has made available 36 "non-cracked, full-version" copies of warez (unlicensed and therefore illegal "PROGRAMZ") on his website via direct downloads. The website often changes its URL, and the titles and categories of the programs offered also have varied.

To some, F.O.S.I.'s website has become an Internet landmark, a piece of nostalgia from the early days of the Internet.

Despite increasingly-frequent software piracy crackdowns in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as well as tightening government regulations in the United States, F.O.S.I. continues to operate his website as before, keeping it up to date and using a website design created nearly a decade ago. It is interesting to note that, although heavily sprinkled with ads, F.O.S.I.'s website has neither pop-up advertising, nor spyware, standing apart from the majority of warez websites.

In an age of software piracy using P2P and IRC clients, F.O.S.I. remains a web-based distributor of unlicensed software.

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Abexo Defragmenter Pro Plus v5.0 _
Abexo Registry Cleaner v4.1 _
Active@ KillDisk Pro v3.1 _
Active@ Uneraser v3.0 _
Alien Skin Blow Up for Adobe Photoshop v1.0 _
Alien Skin Exposure for Adobe Photoshop v1.0 _
Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact v5.1 _
Alien Skin Eye Candy Nature v5.1 _
Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures v5.1 _
Alien Skin Image Doctor v1.0 _
Alien Skin Xenofex v2.12 _
Anim-FX v3.3 _
Aquarix v4.15 _
Artrage v2.11 _
Audio Converter and Ripper v4.1.1 _
Aurora for Adobe Photoshop v2.1 _
Av Bros. Draftsman for Adobe Photoshop CS v1.2 _
Av Bros. Guidemaster for Adobe Photoshop CS v1.2 _
Av Bros. Page Curl for Adobe Photoshop CS v2.1 _
Av Bros. Puzzle Pro for Adobe Photoshop CS v2.0 _
Axialis Iconworkshop Corporate Edition v6.03 _
Axialis Pro Screensaver Producer Corporate Edition v3.64 _
Blumentals Htmlpad 2006 v7.1.0.66 _
Blumentals I-Net Protector v2.21 _
Blumentals Rapid CSS 2006 v7.1.0.66 _
Blumentals Rapid PHP 2006 v7.1.0.66 _
Blumentals Screensaver Factory Enterprise v4.1 _
Blumentals WeBuilder 2006 v7.2.0.68 _
Bradsoft Topstyle Pro v3.12 _
Bsplayer Pro v1.38.828 _
BW Styler for Adobe Photoshop v1.0 _
CloneDVD v3.0 _
CoffeeCup Direct FTP v6.2 _
CoffeeCup Flash Blogger v4.5 _
CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter v6.7 _
CoffeeCup Flash Form Builder v5.5 _
CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder v3.1 _
CoffeeCup Flash Password Wizard v5.0 _
CoffeeCup Flash Photo Gallery v5.0 _
CoffeeCup Google Sitemapper v4.5 _
CoffeeCup HTML Editor v2007 _
CoffeeCup Live Chat v6.0 _
CoffeeCup RSS News Flash v4.5 _
CoffeeCup Stylesheet Maker v5.0 _
CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer v5.3 _
CoffeeCup Web Calendar v3.3 _
CoffeeCup Web Jukebox v4.2 _
CoffeeCup Web Video Player v4.6 _
ColorWasher for Adobe Photoshop v2.02b _
Complete Anonymous Internet v1.0 _
ConvertToBW Pro for Adobe Photoshop v3.0 _
Copernic Agent Pro v6.12 _
Cowon JetAudio Plus VX v6.26 _
Cpuidle Extreme v7.0.4.15 _
CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.01 _
Cursorarts Imageforge Master Edition v1.25 _
Curvemeister for Adobe Photoshop v2.1.0b _
Cvalley Filterit for Adobe Illustrator v4.1.2 _
Cvalley Xtream Path for Adobe Illustrator v1.1.1 _
DCF Full Spectrum Adobe Photoshop v1.1.2 _
Drive Image 2002 v6.0 _
DVDSanta v4.0 _
EasyRecovery Pro v6.04 _
Flashy Effects v1.0 _
FlipAlbum Pro v6.0 _
FocalBlade for Adobe Photoshop v1.04 _
FolderSizes v2.6 _
Fraps v2.6.1 _
Funduc Search and Replace v5.5 _
GemX Do-Organizer v2.4 _
Genuine Fractals Print Pro for Adobe Photoshop v4.1.2058 _
Gertrudis Pro v2.5 _
Ghost Keylogger v3.80 _
Grain Surgery v2.0 _
GraphicXtras Andrew Plugins for Adobe Photoshop v1.08 _
InnovaTools Add Remove Plus v5.0 _
InternetSoft FTP Commander Deluxe v8.65 _
InternetSoft Website Extractor v9.52 _ *
Ipswitch Ws_FTP Pro v9.01 _
Ipswitch Ws_FTP Server v5.05 _
Jam Software SpaceObserver v1.31 _
Jam Software Treesize Pro v4.02 _
KoolMoves Incl Libraries v5.5 _
LightMachine for Adobe Photoshop v1.0b _
LimeWire Pro v4.10.3 _
Macromedia Homesite v5.5 _
Mailing List Deluxe v6.01 _
Microangelo Creation v2.0 _
Microangelo On Display v6.0 _
Microangelo Toolset v6.03 _
Neotrace Pro v3.25 _
Nik Sharpener Pro for Adobe Photoshop v2.0 _
Paragon CDROM Emulator v3.00.036 _
Paragon Disk Wiper Pro v7.0 _
Paragon Drive Backup Pro Recovery CD Image v8.0 _
Paragon Drive Backup Pro v8.0 _
Paragon Drive Backup Pro v8.0 _
Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition Recovery CD Image v7.0 _
Paragon Drive Backup Server Edition v7.0 _
Paragon Drive Copy Pro v8.0 _
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro v6.01.847 _
Paragon Partition Manager Pro Recovery CD Image v8.0 _
Path Styler Pro for Adobe Illustrator v1.11 _
Path Styler Pro for Adobe Photoshop v1.11 _
PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing v5.0 _ *
PhotoFixLens for Adobe Photoshop v2.03 _
Photolight for Adobe Photoshop v2.02 _
PhotoSurface for Adobe Photoshop v3.02 _
PhotoWatermark Pro v6.1.3.5 _
PHP Nuke v7.9 _
PicaView v2.0 _
PictoColor Icorrect Editlab Pro for Adobe Photoshop v5.0 _
PictoColor Icorrect Editlab Pro Standalone v5.02 _
PictoColor Icorrect Portrait for Adobe Photoshop v1.01 _
PixelGenius PhotoKit Color for Adobe Photoshop v2.0 _
PixelGenius PhotoKit Sharpener for Adobe Photoshop v1.2.4 _
PMM Ennergi PagePackPlus for Dreamweaver v1.02 _
PMM Jazz05 PagePackPlus for Dreamweaver v1.04 _
PMM Utopia PagePackPlus for Dreamweaver v1.02 _
Power Retouche Pro for Adobe Photoshop v7.0 _
Prassi Ones v2.0.330 _
PVII Graffiti Pagepack for Dreamweaver v1.05 _
PVII Il Libro Pagepack for Dreamweaver v1.02 _
PVII Image Gallery Magic for Dreamweaver v1.09 _
PVII Key Lime Pagepack for Dreamweaver v1.04 _
PVII Tab Panel Magic for Dreamweaver v1.03 _
PVII Tabbar Magic for Dreamweaver v1.04 _
Quick View Plus v8.0 _
Redfield Plasteroid for Adobe Photoshop v1.31 _
Redfield Sketch Master for Adobe Photoshop v1.15 _
Redfield Umatrix for Adobe Photoshop v1.06 _
RunTime DiskExplorer for FAT v3.01 _
RunTime DiskExplorer for NTFS v3.01 _
RunTime GetDataBack for FAT v3.02 _
RunTime GetDataBack for NTFS v3.02 _
RunTime Raid Reconstructor v3.02 _
SimpelFilter Colormixer Pro for Adobe Photoshop v1.1 _
SimpelFilter Graymixer Pro for Adobe Photoshop v1.1 _
SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business v2007 SP1 _
SmartDraw Pro Plus v6.51 _
SmartDraw Suite Edition v7.50 _
SmartSoft Video Converter Pro v2.5 _
Stair Interpolation Pro for Adobe Photoshop v2.0 _
The SleuthHound Pro Powerpack v4.6.3 _
TweakNow PowerPack Pro 2006 v1.1.8 _
TwistingPixels PixelCreation Bundle for Adobe Photoshop v1.25 _
Ulead Burn Now v1.5 _
Ulead DVD Player v1.0 _
Ulead PhotoImpact v12.0 _
VanderLee Halftone for Adobe Photoshop v2.0 _
VCOM Fix-It Utilities v7.0.2.1 _
VCOM Partition Commander v9.01a _
VCOM PowerDesk Pro v6.0.3.4 _
VCOM System Commander v8.13 _
VCOM SystemSuite Pro v7.0.2.7 _
Virtual Painter Deluxe v5.0 _
Web Gallery Wizard Pro v1.5.3113.1 _
WestCiv Style Master v4.5 _
Window Washer v6.05 _
Ws_Ping Pro Pack v2.3 _
Wysigot Plus v5.51 _